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Collection of Healthy, Fun and Balanced Kids Food Recipes. Such fun recipes will make your kid show more interest towards food and finish their plate.

The entire process of making food for kids is a daunting task. They are fussy about what they eat, when they eat and how much they eat. I have been able to control all three aspects largely with meal planning. Meal planning in advance led to more time at hand to put some creativity into play. Hence, were born these pretty set kids meals or Kids Food Recipes.

These were as much fun to make as they were to eat for my daughter. She started showing more interest towards her meals and food in general. She is now an inquisitive child who talks about food on meal times and also devours the food served to her with a grin on her face a sparkle in her eyes.

I will keep adding to this list. Here are the links to Kids Meals / Kids Food Recipes.

Lemon Rice with Chicken Pops – Kids Meal #1
Aloo Puri with Halwa and Chana Navami Meal | Kids Meal #2
Bow Tie Pasta in Creamy Mushroom Sauce | Kids Meal #3
Methi Theplas with Paneer Bhurji | Kids Meal #4
Broccoli Curry with Paratha | Kids Meal #5
Vegetable Idli with Paneer Fingers | Kids Meal #6
Beetroot Dosa with Teddy Upma | Kids Meal #7
Vegetable Gratin Bread Pizza with Chana Chat | Kids Meal #8

These meals will give you loads of ideas for dinner/snack and they are balanced as well. Go ahead and make nutritionally rich Kids Food Recipes.

Do share your feedback on what you liked and what more you would like to see in this space.

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  1. Wonderful options and loved the presentation.. I am following your blog for some time now and thanks to you we have recently introduced few healthy options in our kids’ meals!

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