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4 Best Sandwich recipe for kids, ready in under 15 minutes. These healthy sandwiches make the first Video in my Lunch Box Ideas Series or Tiffin Recipes.

4 Best Sandwich recipe for kids, ready in under 15 minutes. These healthy sandwiches make the first Video in my Lunch Box Ideas Series or Tiffin Recipes

I pack lunch for my 3-year-old daughter 5 days a week (that’s one day less than what my mother did for three of us siblings for many many years). I have never seen her complaining or cribbing about what to make or scouring through cookbooks for recipes everyday. She kept it pretty simple and we never complaint. Kids these days are spoiled for choices and hence us mothers have to be on our toes or on the internet ­čśÇ constantly. I realized this pretty early with my daughter and tried keeping things simple but the cook in me disagreed. So here I am, with a daughter who hates most things, doesn’t like a few and loves fewer! One thing that remains constant is her love for fruits! Yayyy!

Coming back to the sandwiches. For my Kids lunch Box Ideas Series, I knew I had to start with sandwiches. Here in this post you will see some of the best sandwich recipes which are easy, unique and healthy. Inspired by everyday ingredients and seasonal produce.

Sandwiches are, have been, will always be, the most consumed quick snack ever. Pack them for lunch, eat them in your breakfast, take them for picnic or eat them as a snack any time of the day! Sandwiches have been omnipresent in my household. They are always a part of my menu or if I am out of ideas for cooking, they come to my rescue.

One thing which has changed over the past few years is that people have become more conscious of their health and well being and hence the white bread has been replaced with whole wheat grain/multi grain versions. And then there is a section of the society who bake their own bread at home for consumption (Respect!). I have used whole grain bread here and have used healthy ingredients! Let’s have a look at the four sandwich recipes.

Corn Cheese Toast Recipe

Corn cheese toast sandwich is pretty easy to make and is made with a delicious corn spread. This corn spread is sweet, spicy and very healthy as it has corn and milk. Cheese binds the sandwich together and imparts a unique flavor combination. I have grilled these sandwiches, you can simply apply the spread on a toast, sprinkle cheese and eat it. Here’s the detailed recipe for Corn Cheese Toast.

Spicy Mango Sandwich Recipe

Mango Sandwich has a unique filling made with the king of fruits mango. It’s sweet, tangy, spicy and damn delicious. Make this for breakfast, kids tiffin or as a party appetizer.┬áHere’s the detailed recipe for Spicy Mango Sandwich.

Curd & Pepper Sandwich Recipe

Curd sandwich recipe with step by step instructions and video recipe. Yogurt sandwich or dahi sandwich is an easy and healthy tiffin recipe for kids. A wholesome, protein rich breakfast recipe for adults and kids.┬áHere’s the detailed recipe for Curd & Pepper Sandwich.

Peas & Paneer Sandwich Recipe

Peas & Paneer Sandwich recipe is made with a unique and fragrant peas dip/spread and Paneer (Cottage Cheese). Perfect for breakfast, school lunch box, tiffin, picnic or simply as a tea time snack.┬áHere’s the detailed recipe for Peas & Paneer Sandwich.

Coleslaw Sandwich Recipe

Veg Coleslaw recipe made with cashew cream is the best coleslaw sandwich you will ever taste. It’s the healthier version of the famous coleslaw sandwich which uses mayo as one of the base ingredients. You can use mayo but cashew cream is so much more healthier.

Spinach Corn Sandwich Recipe

Spinach Corn Sandwich is creamy, cheesy and delightful in every bite. This grilled sandwich recipe is healthy and easy to make with just a few ingredients and its really tasty.

Beetroot Curd Sandwich Recipe

Delicious, easy curd sandwich with the goodness and health of beetroot is a kids favorite recipe. Pack them for lunch or serve them for breakfast.

4 Best Sandwich Recipe for Kids

4 Best Sandwich recipe for kids, ready in under 15 minutes. Corn Cheese Toast Recipe , Spicy Mango Sandwich Recipe, Curd Sandwich Recipe, Peas & Paneer Sandwich.

Course Breakfast
Cuisine Indian
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Servings 2 people
Author Nandita


  • Corn Cheese Toast Recipe
  • Spicy Mango Sandwich Recipe
  • Curd Sandwich Recipe
  • Peas & Paneer (cottage cheese) Sandwich Recipe


  1. 4 Best Sandwich recipe for kids. Find the link to all recipes in the post and in the notes below.

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