Stovetop Mac and Cheese Recipe | Creamy Saffron Macaroni and Cheese

A creamy, flavorful and different Mac and Cheese recipe with a touch of Saffron. This creamy macaroni and cheese is cooked on a stove top and ready in minutes. Who doesn’t like a good Mac and Cheese. For many its comfort food. I usually make Baked Mac and Cheese but this time I decided to […]

Veg Minestrone Soup Recipe in a Mug | Italian Minestrone Soup Recipe

Veg Minestrone Soup┬árecipe made in a mug in 10 minutes in the microwave. This Italian Minestrone soup recipe is a hearty soup, with pasta, vegetables and fresh aromatics in a tomato based broth. In the earlier post, we learnt how to make vegetable stock at home from scratch. In this post, we will learn how […]